Chemical Protective Clothing

Chemical Protective Clothing

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Chemical Protective Clothing - Pyrolon CRFR

Showcasing cum distribution partner for LAKE LAND

Viscose rayon / polyester / PVC film composite fabric provides a chemical protective suit that will not burn... Even in a forced ignition situation.

  • Soft and flexible fabric

  • Ideal alternative to standard disposable chemical suits in fire risk areas such as petrochemical and refining plants.

  • Combines Type 3 & 4 chemical spray protection and flame retardency

  • Fabric will not ignite even in forced ignition situations

  • Can be worn over standard flame protective work wear without compromising flame protection - in most cases flame and heat protection is improved. Tested in multilayer ensembles for predicted body burn using thermal mannequin test equipment to prove an increase in thermal protection and a reduced body burn incidence... see detailed Pyrolon® leaflet for further information

  • Meets latest FR standard EN141116:2008

  • Fully stitched and taped seams for impervious seal

  • Also available in orange.