Doodle Duster Cloth

Doodle Duster Cloth

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This Doodle Duster Cloth is untreated, microfiber disposable cloth which leaves surface residue-free.
It is ideal for dusting floors before and after burnishing or prior to recoating.

Features and Specification
  • Length - 13.8 Inch, 287.5
  • Surface Type- Stone, Tile Grout, Vinyl, Wood
  • Width - 13.8, 13.8 Inch
  • Size - 7 inch x 13.8 inch x 287.5 feet

Applications - Dusting, Hard Floors, High Dusting
Cleaning Area - Bathrooms, Fixtures/Equipment, Kitchens/Dining, Office Space/Classrooms, Patient Rooms, Walkways/Stairs