Economical Hand Dryer

Economical Hand Dryer

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We provide Economical Hand Dryers which are touch-free solutions for maintaining hygienic environment in restrooms. An auto hand dryer is highly recommended for public restrooms in places like multiplexes, shopping malls, cinemas, hospitals, hotels etc. where the risk of transmission of infectious diseases is high.

Features and Specification:-

1) It is Automatic Single blower hand dryer
2) Made up of Compact ABS plastic casing
3) Having Low noise operation
4) Voltage : 230V – 50Hz/Single phase
5) Power : 1000W
6) Dimensions: (H) 285 x (W) 210 x (D) 145 mm
7) Unit Weight : 1.6 Kg
8) Drying hands in 20-25 sec