Four Wheeled Dustbin

Four Wheeled Dustbin

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These Four Wheel Waste Bin provided by us are used for large areas like petrol pumps, warehouses, chemical factories, etc. It is also used to store chemical / oil absorbent products to be used in times of emergency spills in work areas.

Our four wheeled bins are available in with durable castor wheel support for easy movement.

Some of its features include :-
Providing convenient usage value, Cover support for maintaining hygiene levels in the surroundings, providing suitable support for dust collection and disposal, choice of other size options to pick from.


1) Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material Injection moulded
2) As per EN 840 (European Norms) standard
3) High resistance to Heat and radiation
4) UV stabilized
5) Environment friendly and easy to clean
6) Available in various colours
7) Available in various capacities like 660,770,1000,1100 litres etc.