Medium Electrical Rescue Kit

Medium Electrical Rescue Kit

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Medium electrical rescue kit is used for safe rescue of victims from electric shock or other injuries when working on Medium Voltage switch boards or panels in electricity supply and industrial substations. 
1. Electrical Rescue Kit contains products required for safety from electrical shocks and injuries.
2. This Medium Voltage Kit is from Class B.
3. The kit is customizable. It can contain various products as per client’s requirement like electrical gloves, electrical rubber mats, electrical shock treatment charts, electrical safety shoes, discharge rods, rescue sticks, safety signages, first aid box, safety torch, fire blanket, etc.
4. These electrical kit should be kept in proximity to electrical panel areas / switchboards.
5. Electrical Rescue Kit is used for voltage level like 11 kV
6. Application Industries: Power Plants, Metallurgical Industry, Energy Plants etc.
7. We also export this kit.