Oxygen Self Rescue Protective Device

Oxygen Self Rescue Protective Device

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  • Oxygen Self Rescue Protective Device is a single use self-contained, closed circuit oxygen type breathing apparatus.Oxygen Self Rescue Protective Device will assist a person to escape from irrespirable atmosphere containing smoke, toxic gases or an oxygen deficient atmosphere. As it is a closed circuit apparatus, its operation does not depend on the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Usage: It is designed for escape from any difficult and life threatening conditions such as an environment of toxic gases, smoke and oxygen deficient atmosphere.
  • Application: Underground mines, particularly in coal mines, Submarines, Many branches of industry.
  • Specification: small size, light weight and rugged construction
  • Outer casing is made of stainless steel and therefore has enough shock support for external mishandling
  • It contains moisture indicator which indicates leak tightness of the system

Inside the stainless steel outer casing of Oxygen Self Rescue Protective Device, the following parts are present

  • One stainless steel canister containing Potassium Superoxide (KO2) with indicator
  • system.
  • One 6 liters breathing bag containing Quick starter system with relief valve.
  • One breathing valve assembly.
  • One breathing hose with nose piece, mouth piece and mouth piece plug.
  • One neck strap.
  • One heat protection pad.