Safety Shower cum Eyewash

Safety Shower cum Eyewash

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Shower Cum Eye Wash (Hand Operated/Foot Operated)

Item Code: SSS-ESS-1005

  • This contains mainly two types of showers i.e. One For Face protection at lower level and Second For Full Body protection.
  • Both the showers can either be operated simultaneously or singularly as per the requirements.
  • Showers are fitted with pull chain for Body Shower as well as Foot operated for Face wash.
  • Material of construction
    Pipe : Stainless steel pipe 301 grade confirming to Schedule 40
    Self closing valve : Stainless steel 301 grade IC
    Bowl for eyewash : Stainless steel 301 gradeIC
    Eye wash nozzles : Chrome Plated Brass
    Shower head : Chrome Plated Brass
    Foot Pedal : Stainless steel 301 grade IC
    Spring : Stainless steel 301 grade IC
    Pull chain : Stainless steel 301 grade IC